Thursday, February 5, 2009

New menu-item roundup

A few leads have leaked out about the next round of chain menu additions. Here’s a sampling as of early this afternoon:

--Carl’s Jr. may be bringing back its chili dog, judging from a few non-committal posts on Twitter.

--Burger King plans to add a thicker burger, called the Steakhouse XT (the “XT” apparently stands for “extra thick.”

--KFC will roll out its value menu next week. What it touts as a game changer, the addition of chicken that’s supposedly grilled (it’s actually flash-baked on a plate that imparts grill marks) is slated for April.

--Dairy Queen will introduce its value menu next month.

--O’Charley’s will introduce several new brunch items when it changes menus later this month.

--Hardee’s is pushing an “authentic” Chicken Parmesan sandwich.

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