Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BK multiplies its slider choices

Burger King's announcement today of a sliders rollout comes as no surprise, since selected stores have been featuring the Burger Shots for months. But the chain might've caught some competitors unawares with the simultaneous introduction of a mini breakfast sandwich, the BK Breakfast Shots.

BK has also adjusted the price and serving options for the Burger Shots. A packet of two sells for $1.39, not the $1.49 that had been the going charge. A packet of six is also being offered, for a suggested retail price of $4.09. The barbell pricing strategy in action, with a single product serving both ends.

The Breakfast shots are sold in two-packs for $1.49, and four-packs for $2.89, landing both of those items toward the premium end of BK's morning roster.

The Breakfast Shots consist of egg and either ham, bacon or sausage, all topped with egg and served on mini-rolls.

The rollout comes as Jack in the Box is testing sliders, and McDonald's is offering two versions, including a sausage sandwich that could serve as a breakfast item, in the United Kingdom.

The times, they are a-shrinkin', though not every burger specialist is moving down that Yellow Brick Road to Munchkinland. Here's what Carl's Jr. had to say in response to my Twitter query about when it might try sliders: "Why do itty-bitty sliders when young hungry guys want a big juicy Six Dollar Burger? We don't so tiny, we do premium quality."

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Orrick Nepomuceno said...

I think everyone in this trying economy is doing what they can to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. But what I think will eventually bring customers is perceived value. Everyone is cutting back and everyone is looking for free stuff more than ever. Just as I was taking my kids to school this morning, we passed a McDonald's and they had BOGO's on items from just about every day part posted out front. It is a sign o' the times.