Monday, February 2, 2009

I.C.U. for Jack in the Box?

One of the weirdest advertising tacks ever taken by a restaurant chain was commenced last night by Jack in the Box. A commercial airing during the Super Bowl announced that Jack, the regional burger chain's orb-headed mascot, had been hit by a bus, his fate uncertain. "In lieu of flowers," says an official "spokesman," "visit a Jack in the Box restaurant."

Follow-up spots posted on a special website,, note that the mascot had suffered massive head trauma. "I don't mean he has a massive head. Though he does," jokes Jack's "surgeon."

The site indicates the chain has been left in the hands of Jack's supposed Number Two guy, an exec named Phil. Jack's assistant, Barbara, has taken over the laid-low chairman's Twitter account,, and promises to provide updates on the mascot's condition.

The circumstances of the accident have yet to be revealed. But a supposed cell-phone video, captured at the scene, have a bystander yelling into a phone, "It's really, really bad."

Nothing makes me want to eat fast-food more than a critical accident involving a humorous mascot.

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