Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Atlanta restaurant workers learn to fight back

I posted an entry Friday in my blog on Fohboh, the foodservice social networking site, about the recent flurry of legislative proposals that would allow consumers to carry weapons into restaurants serving alcohol. Predictably, a presumed sympathizer with the other NRA assailed the contention that mixing guns and booze isn't a good idea. It's not as if people are being killed inside the restaurants of Georgia, where the laws were changed last year to let patrons come a-packin', he sniffed.

But, actually, and unfortunately, they are. Indeed, a local TV station reports that restaurant employees in Atlanta are taking precautions to protect themselves following the murder of a restaurant bartender in January. They reportedly held a two-hour self-defense class outside an establishment, while patrons looked on.

Just the sort of publicity the industry needs these days.

1 comment:

Just Jim said...

Good for the employees.
They should learn to protect themselves.
As should the public in general.
But further legislation regarding carrying firearms is unnecessary.
Those that choose to break the laws currently on the books would also break whatever new ones were enacted.
I would support stricter penalties, but now a further infringement on my rights.