Friday, March 6, 2009

YouTube may be more their tube after all

Online videos are supposed to be a great leveler, allowing any pulse-bearer with a camera to become a star. Think of YouTube celebrities like “unsexy newsman” Philip DeFranco, “dance historian” Judson Laipply, or even the skateboarding bulldog.

Yet the big and supposedly un-cool restaurant chains are clearly making more of a splash in that grassroots medium than independents or regional brands. Yesterday proved the point, with the internet buzzing about this goof on KFC from Mel Gibson and Jimmy Kimmel Live!...

…and this response from KFC’s mega-sized parent, Yum! Brands:

And let’s not forget the latest from Jack in the Box, which has been on a video binge with its recent focus on the near-death experiences of mascot Jack Box:

Contrast that with this YouTube video from Pal’s Sudden Service, a regional quick-service chain with a cult following:

…Or this spot from an independent in Utah:

Clearly the big brands are digging into their deeper pockets to come up with better conceived and executed spots. Money, it appears, can indeed buy edginess.

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