Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IHOP tries new drinks-focused cafe concept

IHOP is following Burger King’s lead by experimenting with a trendier, downsized take-off that focuses on a few signature products—in the case of the IHOP Café, silver dollar pancakes and coffee drinks.

The prototype for the new concept, first reported by Chris Wolfe on Fohboh, is located in the suburbs of San Antonio. IHOP has already set up a web page,, to tout the venture.

The coffee-heavy menu also extends to smoothies and milkshakes. Food offerings include wraps and sandwich melts.

The IHOP Café came to light just a two weeks after BK unveiled its new Whopper Bar. It, too, is a scaled down, modernized riff that focuses tightly on the chain’s hallmark products.

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