Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diet group vows to go gut-to-gut with fast food

An advocacy group called Corporate Accountability International sent letters today to the Big Four U.S. fast-food companies, basically telling them, “You’re mine, bitch.” As a simultaneous press announcement explained, the group is commencing a war to secure such concessions as having McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s/Arby’s and Yum! Brands pick up the health-care expenses for diet-related illnesses.

The Boston-based organization has targeted those companies and their nine chains, but its mission extends to the whole fast-food sector. For instance, it wants to stop fast-food advertising and promotions aimed at minors. It’s also calling on the business to “not interfere” in efforts to ban or limit fast-food sales.

“The campaign aims to stem the global tide of diet-related disease, in which fast food giants are playing a central role,” states the press release.

The 32-year-old CAI claims it’s been successful in curbing past abuses by corporate giants (and foodservice industry vendors) like Nestle and General Electric. Tobacco and bottled water, a major product line of Nestle, seem like particular areas of pressure.

The text of the letters was not disclosed, so it’s unclear if the tone was cordial, demanding or out-and-out threatening. I’m putting my money on the latter. Check out the group’s special industry-related website to find out why.


Christopher Adams said...

I've never worked in fast-food, but as a restaurant veteran of 25 years, I truly do not understand this attitude of individual "non accountability" particularly for things you ingest.

There is nothing wrong with a cheeseburger - there is a major problem with eating one every day. In my mind there is a clear and distinct line between corporate irresponsibility and personal accountability.

My kids don't eat at McDonalds very often - and it's not because we don't see the commercials or that the franchisees are more benevolent in my town.

Orrick Nepomuceno said...

I am reading this post as I am having a nice smoke after polishing off a Super sized Big Mac and a couple of beers! Please, can the food police just go away already!