Monday, March 28, 2011


Among the new concepts just starting to appear is a new breed of bar that allows customers to bring their own food or have it delivered from elsewhere, Technomic’s Darren Tristano noted at the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

The places don’t have a kitchen, but they have the seats, he explained. Patrons will buy alcoholic beverages on-premise and enjoy whatever they want from the outside world. It’s the hang-out approach of Starbucks, with beer and drinks peddled instead of coffee.

Tristano noted that the phenomenon could create an opportunity for restaurants, providing them with another sort of outlet. Instead of having a truck or kiosk, a place could be the preferred food provider for a nearby bar.

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Anonymous said...

We're seeing this around areas with food cart pods. Prost in Portland is an example. It shares a corner with a 1/2 dozen carts. You can get your food from the cart and then bring it in and get a beer from the bar.