Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Believe-it-or-not time

The folks at Ripley’s are screwing with us again. Consider these hard-to-believe restaurant developments:

--Two out of three frequent guests—defined as consumers who dine out at least five times a week—would like servers to place orders through mobile entry devices. That’s one of the more surprising discoveries of a 1,277-person survey conducted for Pars, an industry supplier of POS components.

--Here’s a list of hazards that lawsuit plaintiffs are claiming they encountered in a chain restaurant: A needle in a ribs stack (at a Chili’s); a splinter (embedded in the finger of a Texas Roadhouse customer); and a fragile toilet seat (broken under a McDonald’s customer, who said she wanted $30,000 in compensation. The press coverage did not cite the woman’s weight.

--Ted’s Montana Grill is selling a new steak salad for $14, except in New York City. There you’ll pay an extra $3, a differential of 21%.

--About a third of consumers who visit a restaurant or bar tomorrow will choose the place because of traditional St. Patrick’s Day options like green beer, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Could it be a full moon?

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