Wednesday, April 1, 2009

McD's poke at BK Down Under

Those kooks in McDonald's Australian operations are poking a little fun at Burger King today. The fast-food giant's Down Under arm sent the media vials of what was labeled Baked Fresh Daily Essential Oil. McD's explained that the scent would replicate the aroma of Aussie stores' new baked goods line.

The ploy is reminiscent of BK's launch last holiday season of Flame, a body spray that supposedly captures the allure and sensuality of the Whopper. The scent was sold via a cosmetic-store chain in New York City and the chain's website.

But there's one big difference in McDonald's effort: It's all a joke. After all, Aussie McD's website notes, it is April Fool's Day.

Likely more interesting to competitors back in the United States are the new baked goods, offered through Australia's version of the McCafe concept. (Over there, the concept is a free-standing, scaled-back concept, not a section of a McDonald's store, as it is in the States.) The line includes Mini Muffins and Spinach & Feta Strudel.

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