Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Burger King looking at a new-day sloppy joe?

Call it the Great Sandwich Mystery.

A now-deleted posting on a consumer advocates’ website described what its anonymous author said was an unusual sloppy joe-based sandwich under consideration by Burger King.

The item featured a patty formed from sloppy joes, the chili-like mix of ground beef and sauce that’s typically served in a somewhat soupy state on a roll. The round of compressed sloppy joes depicted on Consumerist.com was breaded and deep-fried, according to the post. Its anonymous author said he learned of the test product, and pinched a photo, while participating in a survey conducted by BK.

But the posting was quickly yanked by TheConsumerist, a website run by the same company that publishes Consumer Reports. No reason was given.

The item was apparently on the site long enough for others to re-blog some of the information. IckyPeople.com even got the photo, which you can see here.

Webizens have given the purported BK product a host of names, including The WTF and, in IckyPeople’s case, the Vomit Burger.

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Jim & Linda said...

Sometimes innovation is not pretty! Too bad that they lost the new idea to criticism without even tasting the product. Escargot was not very appetizing when it first showed up on a plate!