Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Check out what's happening in hotels

Staying in a hotel may feel a little different in the not-too-distant future.

For one thing, Marriott said Monday that it would stop delivering newspapers to guests’ doors unless the daily dose of news is requested.

Then Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that it’s mounting a campaign to put its coffee and donuts within reach of more inn sleepers. The chain explained that it’s developed an array of new sales stations that could be slipped into hotels, motels or resorts, from the sort of shop you might expect to see streetside, to self-serve coffee stations that could be nestled in a gift shop.

The statement noted that the donuts and other baked treats would be made within the kitchen of the host property, using “some simple equipment” from the franchisor. Curiously, the announcement stresses the business advantage of being able to match baked-good supply with demand and thus “manage product inventory.” Wouldn’t that arrangement also allow the site to offer fresh product throughout the day?

In disclosing the new expansion push, Dunkin’ said it’d already put one of its hotel prototypes into the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, N.C. The outlet features Dunkin’s low-cholesterol flatbread breakfast sandwiches as well as donuts, coffee, muffins and cold drinks.

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steakman said...

Hospitality Bulletin:
In a tragic accident, Navy Seals mistakenly killed 24 actors in Pirate gear in the Treasure Island Hotel Pirates of the Caribbean Show. A navy seal spokesperson said we received a call from Janet Napolitano at Justice directing us to take out the Pirates, so we did exactly that. Obama claimed that the Vegas strip was now safe for all Americans.

Sinncerely, Steakman