Friday, May 20, 2011

Come hear our presentations

Restaurant Business will be providing information face-to-face this weekend. We have two sessions that we’re moderating on Saturday at the National Restaurant Association show, and we hope you’ll be there.

Sam Smith, our editor in chief, will be looking at the burning issue of rising commodity costs and how operators are dealing with it. Joining him will be David Groll, the former menu R&D chief for McAlister’s Deli; a purchasing specialist; a commodity-price expert; and a representative of the American Restaurant Association. Sam’s panel is scheduled for 12 to 1:30 in room S405B.

I’ll be leading a session on foraging, or how restaurants can secure sufficient supplies of local menu ingredients at a reasonable price. On my panel will be experienced foragers from Whole Foods Market and Bon Appetit Management, a contract feeder that has made local sourcing a part of its DNA.

Also speaking will be the former forager-in-chief for Chicago, who used his local-foods skills to help supply the city’s green markets.

Come see us at 2 o’clock in room S404ABC.

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