Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another round of NRA small plates

Knowing your ale from your elbow
Scotty’s Brewhouse, an Indiana-based casual chain, is now asking applicants for bartender jobs to take a quiz first on beer. The chain wants to gauge potential hires’ beer knowledge before giving them a job, explains PeopleMatter, the company that set up the test as part of its application software.

Will oyster leaf be the next craze?
Using the ironclad Rule of Three (i.e., three instances signal a trend), chefs’ use of oyster leaf by is right on the cusp. During an education session, the gardener for Thomas Keller’s Napa Valley restaurants noted how the celebrated chef asked him to cultivate the green, which tastes uncannily like oysters. Samples were provided in one of the booths featuring micro-herbs.

Innovation may be the biggest theme of the show
Traffic on the show floor was particularly thick yesterday afternoon in the Technology Pavilion and the American foods aisles, all of which feature smaller booths frequently manned by entrepreneurs. That dynamic fits what was stressed in everything from education sessions to meet-the-chef presentations in the World Culinary Showcase: Innovation is the key to success in the current economic environment.

Rolling 'bout The Rapture
The fallback for comedic material during the show has been The Rapture, originally predicted to hit on Saturday afternoon, as some of us were having an extra Nathan’s sample just in case the holy rollers were right. An example: Chef Barton Seaver opened his comments on seafood sustainability during an education session by noting The Rapture is already here for the nation’s oceans.

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