Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wake up & smell the pizza

Many, many years ago, a publicist tried to convince me that breakfast salads would be the Next Big Thing for restaurants. “Hey, why not pizza for breakfast?” I sniffed. “Or a quarter-pounder? Or breakfast beer?”

For the record, the correct answers proved, “Yes, why not?,” “Definitely,” and “Not yet.”

With breakfast providing one of the few areas of sales growth for restaurants, places have been scrambling to differentiate themselves with new morning selections—ideally, additions that promise flavor, distinction and portability.

So, yes, why not breakfast pizza?

No reason at all, places of all stripes have responded. They’re propelling a.m. pizza to Choco Taco status—the one-time standard for Mexican fast-food places that wanted to offer something for dessert. When you’re known for a product that’s seemingly locked into certain mealtimes, sometimes you have to go with the obvious variation for expansion purposes, however kinky it might seem at first.

Like a hamburger cross-dressed as a breakfast option, with various a.m. staples used as the makeup. Chief among them is a fried egg. As BurgerBusiness.com points out, a slew of burger specialists are using their spatulas for double-duty, sliding the egg atop the patty and then adding such extras as cheese, bacon, chorizo or even home fries.

Speaking as a consumer, it works for me. Then again, on my list of things I have to try is a local bakery’s spaghetti and meatball cupcake.

It's listed right above breakfast beer.

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