Saturday, January 29, 2011

The other sort of cool new menu

There’s been much ado about the use of iPads as restaurant menus. But there’s been nary a word about the other sort that’s coming into vogue: the humble clipboard.

The Counter uses a full-sized version—the sort a doctor gives you on a first visit to hold the form collecting your medical history—because they provide a hard surface on which customers’ can write. The clip holds the form that patrons use to custom-spec their burgers.

Fatty Crab, the small chain of Malaysian hotspots in New York City, uses a mini-clipboard to hold its ever-changing menu. Loose sheets, listing drinks as well as food items, serve as the bill of fare. Patrons flip through the sheets like a factory foreman reviewing the days incoming orders.

The Parallax in Cleveland also uses a clipboard as the organizer for its sheets of selections.
Ditto for Pine 22, a build-your-own burger concept in Orlando.

If you know of any others, please drop me a line. I feel a roundup story coming on.

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