Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More weirdness from Burger King

Burger King's Twitter voice, theBKLounge, has just posted three cryptic indications that whoever pens the social media contributions may be passing the quill to a new author. Yet, taken another way, the messages could be a pssst that The King may be backing away from his figurehead duties, clearing the way for a new icon.

"The next King will be chosen by democratic means," says the most recent post. "The mask will be passed as well," says the one that proceeded it. "Tomorrow is the big day. I will begin the process of stepping down from the Twitter throne and preparing it for my heir."

This could be one of those instances where that mystery-speak makes sense to a younger person who adores The King. To those of us who find him sort of creepy, it's just puzzling.

Maybe the chain has decided that a wooden-faced, middle-aged king isn't the best icon to represent the chain within the popular social networking phenomenon. There is a King, Jr., after all.

A quick review of other fast-food chain icons: Wendy's, using the name 3conomics, features a Wendy with a monkey. Hardee's and Carl's Jr. both use their stylized names with the Famous Star logo. Taco Bell hasn't posted in so long that I suspect Gidget the Chihuahua spokes-dog might've been the image that was used.

In any case, The King says he'll clear up the mystery tomorrow. Be sure to watch CNN.

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