Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BK's newest weird promo

Burger King's latest viral marketing campaign seems to be a quiet tie-in with the new Steve Martin movie, "Pink Panther 2: Inspect the Unexpected." The chain is apparently giving away 30 pendants studded with diamonds and pink sapphires, though it's unclear how patrons can try to snag one. Indeed, the whole program seems tougher to figure out than Inspector Clousseau's English.

Twitterer OhThatLaura! asked BK's "voice" on the social networking site, TheBKLounge, if the rumored giveaway was real or cyber myth. TheBKLounge cited a blog post indicating that the promotion is being touted in a women's magazine.

As blogger Lisa Paladino suggested, even an advanced Google search doesn't turn up any info about the giveaway, which is supposed to run for a 30-day stretch beginning Sunday. But that's normal for these sorts of hush-hush campaigns. Indeed, a big part of their buzz seems to come from the secretiveness.

Oh, no--I'm a BK pawn again.

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