Monday, December 15, 2008

Smell like a Whopper this New Year's Eve

Never again will I have to dab Whopper grease behind each ear. Now, thanks to whatever they've put in the water at Burger King headquarters, I can just stop by the outlets of a New York cosmetic-store chain and pick up a container of Flame, the Whopper-scented new body spray from the folks who gave us The King.

Yes, Burger King has launched yet another viral campaign, and this might be its weirdest of all. A new BK website uses a Barry White-like voice, suggestive wording and a pretty nifty interactive feature to push Flame, which I took at first to be a goof. But it's really, truly a scent that smells like the Whopper, and it's really, truly for sale at Ricky's, a New York-area emporium that's a favorite of young women. But don't loose heart if you're located somewhere else: The site will take you to Ricky's website, where you'll be able to buy Flame for a mere $3.99 a container.

This is going to drive my bitches crazy. And I mean that literally. Wait until my dogs get a whiff of this.


steakman said...

Don't knock it! I bought a bottle and got three phone numbers from two herefords and one charolais.

sincerely, steakman

Peter Romeo said...

Great to see you back, Steakman. Your wit has been missed.