Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will the suburbs be Itsy Bitsy and Teeny Weeny?

The strangest part of the story isn’t how Doug Guller bought a town, though it’s jaw-dropping that you can find one on Craig’s List for a decent price. The big whoa! is that Guller intends to use the fiefdom to market his breastaurant chain, Bikinis, and vice-versa. 

It’s not just a matter of developing a Bikinis in the town, though that’s presumably in the works. Guller is renaming the whole town Bikinis, in a section of Texas hill country that he’s dubbed the Texas Triangle.

For those of you trying to find it on Google Maps, the town was previously called Bankersmith. Spotting it on a map could be a pretty good vision test. Here’s a hint: It’s land-locked so bikinis would only be worn poolside.

Or in one of the Bikinis units. A two-piece is the official uniform of the bartenders.

If this development is true to what was extensively reported, Guller’s plans to turn the town of Bikinis into a tourist destination. You have to assume the bikini may be the uniform of choice for a number of local businesses. Gas stations, maybe.

This idea of using a town as a restaurant marketing tool might have legs. We know of at least one more concept that should try it. Get on the stick, Burgerville.

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