Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Starbucks to try push-button Seattle's Best units

After moving into new products through acquisitions, Starbucks is blazing new channels for selling its coffee. The company announced today that it’s struck a deal with CoinStar to sell Seattle’s Best Coffee in “several thousand” vending machines for $1 a cup.

The machines, which will be branded as Seattle's Best outlets, will also offer more complex coffee drinks for $1.50.

Starbucks has said that it expects each machine to sell 10,000 cups of coffee per year.

CoinStar's namesake machines, which allow consumers to turn their loose coins into a shopping credit, are typically found at supermarkets. Its RedBox DVD vending machines are found at a variety of retail outlets, including convenience stores.

The deal between CoinStar and Starbucks extends to five years.

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