Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On the road at Summer Camp

People, we need to save one of our own. I’m not even sure of his name, but he fell asleep next to me at a restaurant conference on human resources a few years back. While a speaker droned on about empowerment or the importance of training, my neighbor’s head slowly tipped back, and you could almost see the Z’s flying cartoon-style out of his mouth.

We have to find that poor nodding soul and send him to People Report’s aptly named Summer Camp. It’s the only conference I know that opens the evening’s activities with a song from Foo Fighters—sung by the CFO of the host organization.

Actually, he was part of the Summer Camp Band, which also included representatives of Yum Brands, if I heard correctly. It was hard to make out the IDs because so many people were hooting and cheering as the four-piece ensemble wailed.

They’re the house band for what is undoubtedly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by the acclamation of anyone who even walked past the hotel ballroom tonight, the most let-your-hair-down conference in the industry. When was the last time you went to a meeting that opened with a “Glee”-like talent contest? (If the Batrus Hollweg Dancers post a video, DO NOT miss it.)

It’s surely not (just) a party. Tomorrow and Friday are packed with sessions on HR and its interrelation with social media, as you’ll see from my tweets (#PRSCAMP) and subsequent blog entries.

But there’s no doubt that it’s the ideal cure for PowerPoint-induced narcolepsy, the unspoken scourge of our business.

So, please, help me in locating that individual and making sure he signs up for next year’s conference. A chance at fun learning is too important to waste.

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