Monday, April 26, 2010

A thin sliver of Cheesecake Factory news

Cheesecake Factory has given its newest concept a menu overhaul. The Asian flavored Rock Sugar, still in the single-store test phase, has just been outfitted with a new bill of fare, though company CEO David Overton didn't divulge details during Cheesecake's recent conference call with analysts.

He did divulge, however, that Cheesecake may not be interested in opening more than one additional Rock Sugar at the current time.

"I’m only going to maybe look for one [more], and it’s going to be a very, very special prime location because we have to build that brand in the right places," said Overton, as recounted in a transcript provided by the website
"It’s not just one of those things that we’re just going to open in any mall at this particular time."

During the call late last week, Overton also revealed the company plans to scale down the size of its secondary concept, Grand Lux Cafe. Cheesecake is also interested in "bringing the decor down a little."

A downsizing of the company's namesake brand has yielded a new prototype that "is here to stay," said Overton. "We’ve built a couple of them and we’re very happy with the size, with the volume that they’re able to do, so we’ll move forward with that." He projected that 10 to 12 of the smaller Cheesecakes will be constructed during the next two years.

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