Monday, February 1, 2010

Taco Bell's fake and pass

Taco Bell, for some elusive reason, isn’t using the term “Super Bowl” to detail its ad plans for Football’s Biggest Game, as the chain coyly labels the media mega-event. An announcement issued today says a new flight of ads “will air before, during and following” the Game, exposing the brand’s new Five Buck Boxes to 100 million viewers. But not once do you read the “S” or “B” words in the release.

Maybe the dodge-speak is necessary because the new bargain meals are tied to the National Basketball Association, not pro football. Indeed, the Five Buck Boxes are all but dribbling and shooting foul shots. Their official name is the NBA Five Buck Boxes. The packaging is NBA-themed, the featured foods are called Taco Bell All-Star items, and they’re touted in the commercials by Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, the NBA color commentator for TNN (the Super Bowl is being aired by CBS).

What else would you expect from the Official Quick Service Restaurant of the NBA?

The announcement didn’t mention any airings of the ads during the Worldwide Multi-National Competitions a few days later in Vancouver. Some might know them as the Olympics.

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