Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's that about actions and words?

Kudos to People Report for breaking the mold and starting its annual Best Practices conference with a giveback to the community. As a number of participants noted with obvious enthusiasm via Twitter, they packed more than 24,000 meals this morning at the North Texas Food Bank for the disadvantaged.

Everyone says the restaurant industry is a business that gives back. Joni Doolin and her crackerjack People Report team provided attendees with a chance to prove it. And I bet you didn’t hear a word about it via the industry or local media. This wasn’t a publicity stunt.

Indeed, I’d say it was more of a firsthand business lesson. The conference is themed “Mixing Money & Meaning” this year. If it’s anything like the past gatherings, it’ll be looking at the many, many things beyond money that matter to those of us who chose restaurants as our field.

And it starts off Day 1 by giving the high-level attendees a chance to feed those who are less fortunate. I believe that’s called walking the walk.

Joni, they should rename a constellation for you and your group.

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