Monday, November 24, 2008

How McD's lost Phelps to Subway

Michael Phelps volunteered throughout his domination of Olympics coverage that he was a diehard McDonald's fan. Now he's signed on as a pitchman for the arch-rival Subway chain. How did the Golden Arches miss a chance to enlist the Man of Gold in its marketing efforts? A perception of health apparently appeals to more than the weekend-warrior set. See Advertising Age's full explanation.

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Peter Romeo said...

An addendum: 60 Minutes reported last night that Phelps was solicited as a pitchman by 10 restaurant chains. The story confirmed Ad Age's assertion that the high-profile Olympian chose Subway in part because it was consistent with his lifestyle, and in part because he wanted a chain that was in international expansion mode. But what chain isn't today, including McDonald's?